To receive relevant applications, start by writing your offers without falling into the trap of these bad practices.

conseils pour rédiger une offre d'emploi
For a company, talking about oneself in an ad is obvious, but be careful not to say too much (StockAdobe/)Robert Kneschke

Try to imagine how the candidate feels when he or she reads your job post : either he is intrigued from the very first lines and wants to know more, either your post looks like all the others and willmaybe apply in another company. It's up to you!

1 - Take the neighbor's posting, you will avoid

Each company has its own history, culture and values! Beware of copy-pasting a post, inspire yourself but do not appropriate the culture of another. When you write an ad to seduce a candidate, put yourself in his place. You can talk to him about a start-up atmosphere, cool, fun and relaxed, about a young, visionary and starting-block team,coolattitude, lunch break orflexitime. But make sure that this is true to reality. Imagine : it's Monday, the first day for Julien who is looking forward to joining a new team « always in a good mood", "a team of young people millpostnialswho have breakfasteveryMonday morning in a positive work atmosphere with a real team spirit. And there, disappointment for Julien, the welcome and the atmosphere are not up to what he was expecting! Yet it was written in black and white in the post...

2 - Talking about you, about you and about... you! And the candidate?

For a company, talking about oneself in a post is a matter of course., but be careful not to say too much. On the one hand, the candidate will easilyfind your news on the web and on the other hand, it will always be time to present your company during the interview.  

The question is: what does the candidate want to know? What will make them want to apply and come to you? Tell them why you are recruiting, what the position consists of, give them details of the missions, why their role is important within the team. In short, he must be able to project himself through your post. 

3 - A catchphrase that doesn't catch the eye

Whether it's an article, an ad or an advertisement, what the candidate will remember is the catchphrase. That's when you're going to grab his or her attention! The candidate wants to know where he or she is going.

Post n°1 :

A human-sized company created more than 30 years ago, XXX is a reference player in the market for the construction of individual houses. Based in Auvergne, we support companies on a daily basis ... and aim to maintain our growth strategy. Within our commercial team, you will have the mission to...

Post n°2 :

At XXX, our sales people share the same vision and ambition. To ensure top-notch customer service and to conquer prospects who don't know us yet. And you, what is your ambition? Are you ready to join a Co team that lives at 100 per hour? Specialist in the construction of individual houses, we offer you to ... 

Which of the 2 posts sparks your curiosity and makes you postwant to read more?

4 - Rigorous, reactive, available... Avoid the usuals.

Are you looking for a specific profile? You want to filter the candidates and select only the best? You don't have time to waste? It's up to you to be more precise in your requirements! Start by banning the basic terms seen and reviewed in all the posts. If you want a candidate to stand out from the others, it is also up to you to differentiate yourself in your posts. 

You want a person :

  • Autonomous, mention taking initiatives instead. 
  • Determined, ask if she is willing to give 300% and look for performance.
  • Communicative, insist on the desire and need to share knowledge.
  • Curious, talk about her thirst to learn and her desire to progress.
  • With a strong team spiritreformulate : "not helping others is inconceivable "

5 - Forget that one candidate out of two applies on a mobile phone.

Your post is online. It's all there. The text is punchy from the first sentence. Your speech is clear, fluid, concise. The missions are detailed. Don't forget one last thing: candidates read you on mobile... Think about titles and words in bold if you can. Change the pace and air out your text. Ideally, add photos or videos because your post will have much more impact on mobile. Don't be afraid to show who you are from the inside, candidates want transparency.

Ah... one last thing! Avoid mistakes 😊. It would be a shame to judge a candidate on the mistakes found in his CV if you yourself are not careful about the spelling in yourpost .

source : hello work place