Volume recruitment

Building a strong team is absolutely one of the most important variables that successful entrepreneurs look at at the beginning of their business. A company's entire growth trajectory begins with onboarding the right people. A new startup, especially in its early stages, has an unknown employer brand and must go through phases of uncertainty and risk. According to a study by Glassdoor, 76% of hiring managers acknowledge that attracting quality candidates is their number one challenge.

Without a doubt, your first team will largely define your organizational culture and build the next steps for your company. Finding the right team starts with evaluating your potential candidates based on their knowledge, skills, expertise and attitude toward work. However, these elements are not enough, as you will need to reiterate your ideas and try different approaches to increase your chances of having an "ideal" team.

Here are some tips and tools to streamline volume recruiting for startups.

1. Make the application process simple

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With an increasing number of people equipped with cell phones, computer-based job searches are relatively less sought after. The increased presence of smartphones around the world has made them the primary search tool. Now, candidates may want to view your job application while commuting, browsing social media, or having tea. Of course, they'll be looking for a quick and straightforward application process rather than a long and tedious one. It's always best for hiring managers to streamline the application process to make it more adaptable and user-friendly in a high recruitment scenario, in order to get more applications in the inbox.

2. Embrace disruptive digital tools

AI, automation, and cloud-based technology solutions will speed up your selection process. By establishing personalized communication, enabling instant feedback and making intelligence-based decisions. New technology tools support HR decisions in building a skilled, diverse and robust team, such as: Honeit Interview Software, Talkpush Conversational CRM, Arya AI Talent Acquisition, Eightfold Talent Intelligence.

3. Estimate your standard recruitment time

Recruiters understand how valuable HR forecasting is for hiring the right people at the right time. Recruiting time metrics can help measure the time from sourcing to onboarding a candidate for quick and easy success. These mechanisms can help them identify any flaws in the process (if any) and how far their recruiting team will go to minimize the time and cost of hiring.

Companies can also compare their standard recruitment time with the global average time (26 days) or with other similar companies to improve/modify their recruitment process accordingly. Especially in the case of volumetric recruiting for startups, they will end up closing things out faster.

4. Focus on process improvement and review

When considering hiring a larger number of people at once, discuss some issues with your HR manager.

What will be the standard time and procedure for filling a position?
Is it possible to fill all vacancies at a consistent pace and process?
Can we replace one stage of recruitment with a technology-based cycle?
Can virtual hiring be an alternative to physical hiring?
Do we need to adjust our recruitment strategy to the current situation?

Such an exercise can help you "not lose" a quality candidate because your process is cumbersome and takes too much time in their current job.

5. Use your network to speed up decision making

You need to reach out to your colleagues, people you know personally or who have been recommended to you by friends, peers or associates. By doing so, you add an extra layer of verification to your talent search process. Plus, because candidates trust each other from the start, you'll save time getting to know each other. When team members are already well established, you can quickly jump into complex projects without delay.

6. Keep in mind that great talent can be found anywhere

Recommendations are essential to speed up the process and gain trust quickly. However, following this as a rule of thumb also kills the spirit of diversity. Companies have discovered that top performers don't just come through recommendations, but can be discovered on job portals, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networking sites. Meanwhile, studies show that these are 58% more effective than recommendations..

7. Build a diverse team with diverse ideas

No startup can afford to have less innovative mindsets, note that highly inclusive organizations are likely to generate 1.4 times more revenue and are 120% more likely to meet their financial goals. Indeed, companies need to build a team with diverse compositions for diversity to permeate and ideas to incubate.

Additionally, you can stick to screening, background and reference checks, etc. Interestingly, a few other recent studies indicate trends in volume recruiting for startups:

  • Startups with members under the age of 25 score nearly 30% or higher than average.
  • Companies with co-founders from top schools outperform others by 220%.

Avoid investing in the wrong team to avoid negative consequences. There are many areas where a startup can think about cutting costs. With recruiting, it's the opposite. Make sure your ecosystem is made up of a dynamic, inclusive and self-propelled team.

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