The AFMD (French Association of Diversity Managers) has made six proposals to mobilize presidential candidates to make diversity in the workplace the priority of the next five years.

electiion AFMD propositions diversité au travail

The AFMD wishes to bring this issue to the forefront during the presidential election by sending six concrete solutions to the candidates. Their objective? To prevent and fight effectively against discrimination of all kinds in the workplace and to build an open, mixed and inclusive work environment.

[Proposal 1]

Appoint a "Diversity and Inclusion" referent.

The first proposal concerns the appointment, in all companies with more than 250 employees, of a "Diversity and Inclusion" representative, based on the model of existing disability or sexual harassment representatives.

This representative ensures the effectiveness of the organization's non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion policy and provides advice and expertise to management, human resources personnel, employee representatives and managers.

[Proposal 2]

More in-depth training on non-discrimination in hiring.

The AFMD would like to see the creation of a common training reference framework: "The aim will be to identify the stages most commonly observed in recruitment and to define, for each of these phases, the actors likely to be involved as well as the main issues and points to watch out for," it explains on its website.

It also recommends that a financial support system be put in place to enable companies to finance such training.

[Proposal 3]

A teaching module to fight against stereotypes in high school.

The AFMD would like to see the integration of a compulsory teaching module in high school to fight against stereotypes related to gender, presumed origin, real or presumed religious affiliation, physical appearance (tattoos, build, etc.), state of health, disability or age, for example.

[Proposal 4]

Une enquête nationale pour favoriser la mixité des métiers.

The AFMD would like to conduct a national survey to identify the key moments in schooling or higher education during which orientation choices are made and predefine future choices of courses of study/careers.

This survey would make it possible, in particular, to measure the impact of parenthood on careers and the masculinization or feminization of certain professions, as well as to look for bias factors in these choices.

[Proposal 5]

Integrate diversity in the extra-financial rating systems of organizations.

This proposal consists in valuing the actions of organizations in terms of diversity and inclusion by including them in the indicators of extra-financial reports.

"These indicators are intended to be integrated into the Public Procurement Code and the Financial Procurement Code in order to make the fight against discrimination and the promotion of diversity and inclusion a criterion for choosing a purchase or investment," explains the AFMD.

[Proposal 6]

Organize an annual government campaign to inform and promote diversity in the workplace.

Finally, the AFMD recommends that the government organize an annual campaign to inform and promote the initiatives of organizations and to prevent discrimination in the workplace.

Based on the "name and shine" principle, this campaign would highlight the most exemplary initiatives of organizations and remind them of the stakes and interests in fighting against all forms of discrimination.

Read the AFMD's proposals here!

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