The HR function is one of the most exposed to burnout, according to a recent survey by Empreinte Humaine.

fatigue, stress au travail RH

The psychological health of employees continues to deteriorate after more than two years of health crisis. This is what the 9th edition of the OpinionWay barometer on the Human Footprint, published last March, reveals.

41% of employees surveyed declared themselves to be in a situation of psychological distress, three points more than in the previous survey in October 2021. 34% of them are in a burn out situation, including 13% of severe burn out.

This exhaustion has very concrete repercussions on daily work: aggressive reactions, exacerbated irritability, impatience, a tendency to isolate oneself and to be less receptive to colleagues' ideas.

Managing the pandemic: a real test for HR

Within the panel, HR appears to be the most affected profession. 64% of the HR personnel questioned are in a situation of psychological distress, 63% in a state of professional exhaustion, including 34% in severe exhaustion.

With this nth wave, we note that the HR function is the most exposed to psychological health issues: prevention obligation, implementation of health protocols, loss of reference points, implementation of multiple changes, confrontation with the splitting up of groups, management of employees' psychological distress, supervision of teleworking, management of internal conflicts, etc.

The "pandemic fatigue" phenomenon

The barometer also highlights a "pandemic fatigue" linked to the omnipresence of the subject in the media. 55% of employees are tired of following all the regulations and recommendations around Covid-19 and 35% no longer feel like fighting the pandemic.

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