It is necessary to reinforce your employer brand by having your teams testify, by highlighting their working conditions and by communicating widely on the subject to attract future candidates. Your employees are your best ambassadors.

Discover without further delay our 4 tips to make your future candidates want to apply.

vos meilleurs ambassadeurs sont vos collaborateurs

Tip #1: Keep in mind that candidates are seeking reviews of your company.

Today, candidates are looking for both external and internal feedback on the company they are considering applying to. It is now the companies that know how to communicate best (or more precisely, who know how to make their employees testify effectively), who will be the first to prevail. Transparency, sincerity and creativity are the key words in this HR exercise. It is important to emphasize the spontaneity, naturalness and originality of your employees in their testimonies.

Tip #2: Keep in mind that your employees are the best people to convey your messages.

It's proven: companies whose employees communicate spontaneously and positively about their working conditions show a 50% reduction in recruitment costs, thanks to word-of-mouth alone! Turnover is also reduced by nearly 30% in these companies. This strengthens the bonds of trust between managers and their teams, and between management and managers; it consolidates the esteem of each person within the company; it reinforces the feeling of belonging to a strong, united and supportive group; and it reinforces your credibility as an employer concerned with the quality of life at work of its employees, and therefore your attractiveness in terms of recruitment.

Tip #3: Never forget that your employees allow candidates to project themselves.

95% of candidates surveyed said that positive word-of-mouth from current employees and associates would influence them favorably... and 95% said that bad feedback would discourage them from applying! On the other hand, employees who are satisfied with their company and who express this fact make substantial savings in recruitment for their employers: this boosts by 35% the direct cooptation, i.e. the recruitment of close acquaintances of employees already in place. Employees are the first vectors of external communication favorable to hiring.

Tip #4: Never forget that the happiness of your employees, your best ambassadors, is your best showcase.

At least 8 out of 10 employees look for opinions about the company in question directly on the Internet before applying for a job: formal opinions of employees or former employees in search engines, consultation of social networks, keyword research to try to find forums in which your employees or former employees discuss living conditions in your company, consultation of the websites of your various trade union bodies, etc. Hence the importance of being sincere and credible with your teams, and of improving their quality of life at work in good faith, with a sense of purpose and motivation

Another important piece of advice: in case of negative reviews on the Internet, never put on airs. Designate someone to respond positively every time, apologizing if there is a misunderstanding or disappointment, thanking you for the review if it is constructive, and providing substantiated, factual arguments if the criticism is false or defamatory. 65% of candidates believe that if they read a constructive, credible and honest response from a company to a negative review on the Internet, it helps improve their opinion of the company in question rather than the other way around. All the more reason not to sugarcoat or delete negative reviews, as people will suspect you of lacking transparency, objectivity or honesty. In case of positive reviews, thank them and don't hesitate to put them forward, this will reinforce your employer brand !

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